Channeling The Inner Road Warrior With The Californian


Inspired by the intrinsic bond between man and his machine, The Californian pays homage to the The Golden State and its natural born riders. Robustly designed to move thoughts towards the open road and promise of adventure, the limited edition fuses streamlined build alongside seductive contours and sharp graphite green tints to offer a ride or die truly built for the ages.

Made up in a full spectrum of desert shades to fully embrace the spirit of freedom ingrained within any hardened road warrior, each piece stands as the perfect addition to the pack whether picking up a new set of leathers or burning rubber through the cool evening breeze.

Handcrafted by our ateliers across the UK, France and Germany, The Californian represents one of several E.B. Meyrowitz Limited Editions in Acetate. Shot on site at the El Mirage lakebed by celebrated street style photographer Robert Spangle (Thousand Yard Style), the Limited Edition sets will be offered within a range of six luxurious shades, available on the online store and Royal Arcade boutique.

To order please visit our Online Store and for further information kindly email us at

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