Embracing Award Season With The Gala Edit


With award season in full swing and a return to the red carpet long overdue, E.B. Meyrowitz have designed a selection of pieces more than worthy of the spotlight. Showcasing a series of styles perfectly complimenting the revelry of the period, the limited edition boasts ever so bold rims, exuberant triple pinning and devilishly dark hues to fully capture the essence of the revelry.

Designed in an array of hues perfect for all manner of evening endeavours and night time pursuits, each piece in the collection offers itself as an ideal companion with whom to while away the early hours.

Constructed with heavy set contours and handsome detailing The Gala Edit seeks to impress a wholly daring yet distinguished aesthetic upon its bearer. Imposing a lavish and luxuriant sense of occasion, the limited edition not only embraces a thirst for life, indulgence and joie de vivre but also a desire for of all things sartorial.

Handcrafted at our workshops across the UK, The Gala Edit represents one of several E.B. Meyrowitz limited editions in acetate. Shot on site in the heart of London’s theatreland by celebrated street style photographer Jamie Ferguson ( jkf man) the limited edition will be available on the online store and at the royal arcade boutique.




Special Edition
The Gielgud in Brown Mottle
Special Edition
The Savoy in Midnight
Special Edition
The Wyndham in Brown Mottle
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