Furnishing bold lines and unique build, The Tarfaya, a superb set of eyes.

The Tarfaya in Amber Mottle


A true veteran amongst the ranks, The Tarfaya offers a wholly unique build comfortably straddling design boundaries. As perfect for day-to-day wear as they are for evening exploits, this certainly is a versatile and eye-catching number.


  • Brown Mottle
  • Bonfire
  • Demi-Blonde
  • Amber Mottle

The Tarfaya measures 128mm Width x 42mm Height x 135mm Temple Length.


All shipments will be delivered by Express Courier and charged at the following rates:

UK - £25

Europe - £55

Rest of The World - £80

Additional duties and taxes may apply.


We ask all returns to be sent back to us within 7 working days of delivery, in the same condition as received, without any signs of wear or use. You will not be refunded for the shipping charges and only the items within the order.

Finer details

Top Line Arched

Build Rectangular

Bridgework Keyhole

Rim Structure Thick